Winter backcountry exploration opens a world of opportunity to experience the mountains & ski or ride untracked terrain. When stepping out into the backcountry it is our responsibility to make decisions in order to keep ourselves, friends & family safe. Avalanche Training is an essential element for all winter backcountry enthusiasts.


We offer two Avalanche New Zealand accredited Avalanche training courses to meet your requirements:

Avalanche Awareness 2 Day Course

$300 Per Person

An essential 2 day introductory course for backcountry users who need the basic knowledge required to help them make decisions about their own safety, whilst promoting the principles of group based decision making when in avalanche terrain.


Backcountry Avalanche Avoidance 4 Day Course

$600 Per Person

A 4 day course designed for those who travel deep into the backcountry. This course focuses on applying the skills of pre-trip planning, route selection and rescue skills. Suitable for those who have a basic understanding of the avalanche phenomena and wish to increase their skills & awareness.

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Course Dates

For the 2018 Southern Hemisphere winter, these courses will be run out of both Falls Creek Victoria and Thredbo Resort New South Wales.


Falls Creek Avalanche Awareness 2 Day Course dates:

  •     24 – 25 August
  •     26 – 27 August
  •     29 – 30 August
  •     31  August – 1 September


Falls Creek Backcountry Avalanche Avoidance 4 Day Course dates:

  •     24 – 27 August
  •     29  August – 1 September

Thredbo Avalanche Awareness 2 Day Course dates:

  •    3 – 4 September
  •     5 – 6 September
  •     7 – 8 September
  •     9 – 10 September


Thredbo Backcountry Avalanche Avoidance 4 Day Course dates:

  •     3 – 6 September
  •     7 – 10 September

Private Courses – If you are a group or company please enquire about a private course. We can look after most requests including Avalanche Safety talks. We have a minimum of 4 people per course and & discounts can apply for large groups.

Please contact us to get in touch for more information or to book.

Knowledge is the key to staying safe in the backcountry



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